The Talent


After a seriously bad haircut (a 'frullet') from an evil hairdresser who, after revealing his disaster, dared to mutter the words 'There! Now you have the perfect head for … More


Matt's voice has that friendly, enthusiastic energy that will let you know that he's your mate. His voice can be heard on Australian airwaves and being 'informally informative' in … More


Years of experience behind the mic, behind the production desk and behind the script, means Ruth is often referred to as ‘the writers voice’. She has an ability to … More


Lucas is that guy - the one who countless times during school was told to turn down his rumbling voice. Then one afternoon, the teacher handed him a business card instead of a … More


Dani spent over 12 years working in commercial radio. Starting her career on air in country radio land... where, often as the station’s token chick, she was called upon to … More


These days residing in ‘the big apple’ (New York! New York!), Nick is a self confessed perfectionist with over 15 years experience in the industry. His background covers a full … More


Bianca ain't short on sass… she's one of a kind, that's for sure! Hell, how many chicks do you know that have run off to join the circus… and succeeded? Have interviewed huge … More


Nathan loves an early start. Well, he must... he’s been doing brekky radio for the past 9 years. During his illustrious career he’s with the likes of Mazda, Rio Tinto, Total Tools, … More


Coming soon!             Annabel - Commercial Demo     … More


The ‘more mature’ of our talent, a voice over veteran with over 25 years experience, Ash has that fantastic deep sound that can only come from years in radio-land. He is … More


Starting out in commercial radio in 1990, Paulie believes that whilst the saying goes ‘silence is golden’, it’s a tad bit boring. She LOVES communicating with people and has an … More


From the Straight & Serious to unique Character Voices, Jason Myatt has been honing his voice craft since 1987. Needless to say, ‘versatility’ is his speciality. Jason was … More


Growing up with a Scottish Mother, Colin began life in isolated, Outback Australia with a Scottish Accent which he kept for around the first 5 years of his life. Whether it was … More


Gael's long broadcasting career began when in desperation, she applied for a motel cleaning job. The agency sent her to audition at the local radio station instead. Over 30 years … More


In Toby’s parent’s photo album there is a picture of him at 4 years old holding a microphone. Things haven’t changed. In the following 28 years, Toby has developed his skill … More


Coming Soon               Nathalie - Demo … More


A veteran of the industry and hailing from across the Tasman (yes, Mark is a Kiwi - but don't hold that against him), Mark is considered one of New Zealand's premier male talents, … More


Coming Soon                 Angie - NZ Straight Demo   … More