daniDani spent over 12 years working in commercial radio. Starting her career on air in country radio land… where, often as the station’s token chick, she was called upon to voice ads that required a feminine touch – shoe stores, funeral homes, baby products, sewing centres and any script that contained the word ‘bra’.

She soon found herself in high demand and was being requested for a wide variety of material… not just the girly stuff. This demand followed her throughout her time on air in the big smoke – both Brisbane and Sydney. These days you’ll hear her warm and charismatic voice on TV campaigns Australia wide.

A few years ago, the pressure of having to get out of her pyjamas daily become too much and she moved to full time voiceover work from her PJ friendly home studio.

Dani has certainly come a long way (and covered quite a few km’s) in her quest to becoming an outstanding voice talent… you can take the girl out of the country… but you can’t take that friendly, youthful, vibrant, country sound out of the girl (well, actually you can… if you ask nicely).

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