lianaBianca ain’t short on sass… she’s one of a kind, that’s for sure! Hell, how many chicks do you know that have run off to join the circus… and succeeded? Have interviewed huge names; like Madonna and PiNK? And beat John Laws in a rating war? Yep. Like I said, one of a kind!

She’s one bold babe who certainly doesn’t have a ‘head for radio’. In fact, chances are you’ve seen her gorgeous face on the box. She’s appeared on everything from A Current Affair (not for doing the dodgy, but as a social commentator), Beauty & The Beast, 20 to 1, and, presently as a regular panelist on the Today Show.

Behind the mic, Bianca is the ring master (but with less sequins than her circus days). She has a warm and friendly sound that will have you asking, ‘where have I heard that voice before?’.

Bianca – Commercial Demo


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