PaulieA veteran of the industry and hailing from across the Tasman (yes, Mark is a Kiwi – but don’t hold that against him), Mark is considered one of New Zealand’s premier male talents, with over 30 years experience. His accent is often described as ‘Mid Tasman’, and as such, his voice can be heard throughout the far reaches of the globe.

Mark is highly awarded and has a deep authoritative voice – the kind of voice you can’t help but listen too (just in case you get into trouble). He is also extremely versatile – Warm and deep for narrations, bright and energetic for hard sell commercials, smooth and sensual for soft sell requirements. If you want your audience to listen, Mark is the man to make them sit up and do so.

We’ve heard he also likes to spend his down time at the beach, or the local park, with some fush and chips .. okay, so we made that up – had to get in at least one Kiwi joke (at least it didn’t involve sheep!)