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Angie – NZ Straight Demo


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PaulieA veteran of the industry and hailing from across the Tasman (yes, Mark is a Kiwi – but don’t hold that against him), Mark is considered one of New Zealand’s premier male talents, with over 30 years experience. His accent is often described as ‘Mid Tasman’, and as such, his voice can be heard throughout the far reaches of the globe.

Mark is highly awarded and has a deep authoritative voice – the kind of voice you can’t help but listen too (just in case you get into trouble). He is also extremely versatile – Warm and deep for narrations, bright and energetic for hard sell commercials, smooth and sensual for soft sell requirements. If you want your audience to listen, Mark is the man to make them sit up and do so.

We’ve heard he also likes to spend his down time at the beach, or the local park, with some fush and chips .. okay, so we made that up – had to get in at least one Kiwi joke (at least it didn’t involve sheep!)


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Nathalie – Demo

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TobyIn Toby’s parent’s photo album there is a picture of him at 4 years old holding a microphone. Things haven’t changed.

In the following 28 years, Toby has developed his skill behind the microphone to become a force in world-class voice artistry with clients around the world raving about the quality of his work. Including the big guns, like Microsoft, Shell, Deloitte, Proctor & Gamble, Ikea and McDonalds.

Originally from the UK, Voice artist Toby Ricketts currently resides in New Zealand and has over 24 years combined experience in the UK and New Zealand in voice work and voiceover recording. We often get requests for a ‘neutral accent’ and they don’t get better than Toby.

Toby –  NZ Straight Demo


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gaelGael’s long broadcasting career began when in desperation, she applied for a motel cleaning job. The agency sent her to audition at the local radio station instead. Over 30 years later, she’s a well-known radio personality and voice artist throughout New Zealand. (Her Mum hailed from Gympie, so there’s some Aussie blood in those veins too.)

Gael is best-known for her long running ‘Lovesongs ’til Midnight’ show on three stations throughout the country, is a Qantas Award-winning network newsreader and continues to belt out out her own songs as a respected singer and songwriter with her blues band Riverhead Slide.

As a voice artist, she can whip up any sound required from silky smooth, to corporate professional, or upbeat and ‘out there’!

Gael – Demo


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colinGrowing up with a Scottish Mother, Colin began life in isolated, Outback Australia with a Scottish Accent which he kept for around the first 5 years of his life. Whether it was this early anomaly or simply a divine bolt of eccentric intervention which pushed him into Voiceovers is still a point entirely up for debate!

Colin began in Australian Radio in the early 1990s as a Creative Writer then Announcer and has held various highly sought roles throughout Aussie radio land and the UK.

His home studio enables him to do Voices for thousands of commercials and animations across the globe and provides optimum freedom to pop out, hug his lovely wife and children, and grab another filter coffee…ALL in a single bound,…unless the children leave their toys light around, ahem!


Colin – British Demo


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jasonFrom the Straight & Serious to unique Character Voices, Jason Myatt has been honing his voice craft since 1987. Needless to say, ‘versatility’ is his speciality.

Jason was recommended to Karly by one of her closest mates in radioland. She described him as ‘mature, business type sound… extremely reliable with quick turnaround’. She was right, he is all those things and more  he just never disappoints! His background as a commercial producer and as a post-production editor means his audio is always faultless.

Let’s be honest here… Jason is obsessed with the tech side of things. Some might go as far to call him a geek (in a cool way). In fact, the first time Jason worked with us, Neil was blown away by the quality of his sound. What followed was a lengthy convo about totally dorky, tech related stuff… and a bit of a ‘bromance’ – which thankfully continues today.

Jason – Straight Demo


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paulie2Starting out in commercial radio in 1990, Paulie believes that whilst the saying goes ‘silence is golden’, it’s a tad bit boring. She LOVES communicating with people and has an incredible love of words… Almost as much as she loves her husband. two kids and hairy active dog (not necesarily in that order).

She’s been using her voice in one way or another since she came screaming into this world… and considers herself a bit of a singer. Since age 4 she’s been utilising her ‘money maker’ (that is her voice, just to clarify)… singing for a free sausage roll from the local bakery. If you are after a mature female sound, don’t go past Paulie.

She won’t work for sausage rolls these days, but she’s still provides great value!

Paulie – Straight

Paulie – Commercial


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ashThe ‘more mature’ of our talent, a voice over veteran with over 25 years experience, Ash has that fantastic deep sound that can only come from years in radio-land. He is authoritative, yet friendly and engaging… making him perfecto for learning content.

Long after his first show over 30 years ago, Ash’s love of radio continues, and sometimes you’ll hear Ash filling in the odd on-air shift on River 94.9. When listening to his voice, you’ll no doubt think ‘that sounds familiar’ and you’d be right. Ash has done countless TV ads and has worked on projects with the likes of BHP Billiton, MYOB, AMP and Lion Co.

When Ash is not behind the mic, he keeps himself super busy with his new coffee shop and van AND somehow finds time to play drums in a band. He might be getting on his years, but he certainly is not slowing down.


Ash – Commercial Demo


Ash – Straight Demo


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Annabel – Commercial Demo



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