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paulie2Starting out in commercial radio in 1990, Paulie believes that whilst the saying goes ‘silence is golden’, it’s a tad bit boring. She LOVES communicating with people and has an incredible love of words… Almost as much as she loves her husband. two kids and hairy active dog (not necesarily in that order).

She’s been using her voice in one way or another since she came screaming into this world… and considers herself a bit of a singer. Since age 4 she’s been utilising her ‘money maker’ (that is her voice, just to clarify)… singing for a free sausage roll from the local bakery. If you are after a mature female sound, don’t go past Paulie.

She won’t work for sausage rolls these days, but she’s still provides great value!

Paulie – Straight

Paulie – Commercial


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lianaBianca ain’t short on sass… she’s one of a kind, that’s for sure! Hell, how many chicks do you know that have run off to join the circus… and succeeded? Have interviewed huge names; like Madonna and PiNK? And beat John Laws in a rating war? Yep. Like I said, one of a kind!

She’s one bold babe who certainly doesn’t have a ‘head for radio’. In fact, chances are you’ve seen her gorgeous face on the box. She’s appeared on everything from A Current Affair (not for doing the dodgy, but as a social commentator), Beauty & The Beast, 20 to 1, and, presently as a regular panelist on the Today Show.

Behind the mic, Bianca is the ring master (but with less sequins than her circus days). She has a warm and friendly sound that will have you asking, ‘where have I heard that voice before?’.

Bianca – Commercial Demo


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daniDani spent over 12 years working in commercial radio. Starting her career on air in country radio land… where, often as the station’s token chick, she was called upon to voice ads that required a feminine touch – shoe stores, funeral homes, baby products, sewing centres and any script that contained the word ‘bra’.

She soon found herself in high demand and was being requested for a wide variety of material… not just the girly stuff. This demand followed her throughout her time on air in the big smoke – both Brisbane and Sydney. These days you’ll hear her warm and charismatic voice on TV campaigns Australia wide.

A few years ago, the pressure of having to get out of her pyjamas daily become too much and she moved to full time voiceover work from her PJ friendly home studio.

Dani has certainly come a long way (and covered quite a few km’s) in her quest to becoming an outstanding voice talent… you can take the girl out of the country… but you can’t take that friendly, youthful, vibrant, country sound out of the girl (well, actually you can… if you ask nicely).

Dani – Straight Demo


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ruthYears of experience behind the mic, behind the production desk and behind the script, means Ruth is often referred to as ‘the writers voice’. She has an ability to interpret, convey and own the words making them truly her own.

Ruth has over 18 years experience in radio and has played everything from a grandmother to a crepe (yes, as in a pancake)… a testament to her talent and vast range of characters.

Ruth’s flexibility makes her a key asset to Killer Kopy. She has the ability to look at a script, and the language used, then create a character that suits it down to a tee. From bright and bubbly, smooth and sexy, to warm and natural narration… nothing is beyond Ruth’s natural talent and ability. With Ruth, a little direction goes a looooong way.

Ruth – Commercial Demo


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karlyAfter a seriously bad haircut (a ‘frullet’) from an evil hairdresser who, after revealing his disaster, dared to mutter the words ‘There! Now you have the perfect head for radio!’, Karly decided she was far too attractive to continue in radio land. It was time for a change. While her stunning looks made her an obvious choice for a life in front of the camera, her nous for business, warm vocal abilities, terrible haircut and emotionally scarring from said hairdresser, led her straight to the recording booth.

She has voiced, and co-ordinated projects for big names… like Telstra, NAB, Panasonic, Sensis, McAfee, Jims, Ebay and Brambles. In addition, Karly has narrated a 26 part television series, can be heard in schools Australia wide via electronic whiteboards and has played many a character in children’s software programs. Her friendly, unpatronising and well rounded sound makes her ideal for learning – at both an adult and children’s level.

While her once hideous hair cut is these days just a distant memory, the emotional scarring remains… she is destined to be behind the mic (and behind the business) and, thankfully, that is where she’ll remain.

Karly – Straight Demo

Karly – Commercial Demo


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