TobyIn Toby’s parent’s photo album there is a picture of him at 4 years old holding a microphone. Things haven’t changed.

In the following 28 years, Toby has developed his skill behind the microphone to become a force in world-class voice artistry with clients around the world raving about the quality of his work. Including the big guns, like Microsoft, Shell, Deloitte, Proctor & Gamble, Ikea and McDonalds.

Originally from the UK, Voice artist Toby Ricketts currently resides in New Zealand and has over 24 years combined experience in the UK and New Zealand in voice work and voiceover recording. We often get requests for a ‘neutral accent’ and they don’t get better than Toby.

Toby –  NZ Straight Demo


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colinGrowing up with a Scottish Mother, Colin began life in isolated, Outback Australia with a Scottish Accent which he kept for around the first 5 years of his life. Whether it was this early anomaly or simply a divine bolt of eccentric intervention which pushed him into Voiceovers is still a point entirely up for debate!

Colin began in Australian Radio in the early 1990s as a Creative Writer then Announcer and has held various highly sought roles throughout Aussie radio land and the UK.

His home studio enables him to do Voices for thousands of commercials and animations across the globe and provides optimum freedom to pop out, hug his lovely wife and children, and grab another filter coffee…ALL in a single bound,…unless the children leave their toys light around, ahem!


Colin – British Demo


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ashThe ‘more mature’ of our talent, a voice over veteran with over 25 years experience, Ash has that fantastic deep sound that can only come from years in radio-land. He is authoritative, yet friendly and engaging… making him perfecto for learning content.

Long after his first show over 30 years ago, Ash’s love of radio continues, and sometimes you’ll hear Ash filling in the odd on-air shift on River 94.9. When listening to his voice, you’ll no doubt think ‘that sounds familiar’ and you’d be right. Ash has done countless TV ads and has worked on projects with the likes of BHP Billiton, MYOB, AMP and Lion Co.

When Ash is not behind the mic, he keeps himself super busy with his new coffee shop and van AND somehow finds time to play drums in a band. He might be getting on his years, but he certainly is not slowing down.


Ash – Commercial Demo


Ash – Straight Demo


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nathanNathan loves an early start. Well, he must… he’s been doing brekky radio for the past 9 years. During his illustrious career he’s with the likes of Mazda, Rio Tinto, Total Tools, BP, Bunnings, Northern Territory Government, Toyota, even Manny’s Market (okay you may not have heard of the last one.

Nathan has voiced all manner of characters, styles and accents with a voice like a swiss army knife. Young and excitable, relaxed and natural, clear and confident or ball bursting hard sell, years working as a creative writer has given Nathan an ability to quickly analyse a script and deliver exactly what the client needs.

After waking at the sparrow’s fart all week, Nathan spends his weekends watching the Hawks, camping or smashing a golf ball… oh and his other sport involved watching people fall over.

Nathan Commercial Demo


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nickThese days residing in ‘the big apple’ (New York! New York!), Nick is a self confessed perfectionist with over 15 years experience in the industry. His background covers a full gamet of theatrical interests… including stand-up comedy, independent theatre, improv and singing. Not to mention regular roles in TV drama, lead roles in feature films and professional theatre – plus a degree in Communications (Theatre and Media). Nick is a true seasoned professional.

Nick’s voice can be anything from fun, bright, sexy or business-like and to the point… and he provides a range of characters and accents to boot.

Throughout his career in Australia, Nick learned to shave microseconds from a read, and interpretation of client feedback to deliver precise, faultless audio. A few of those clients include IBM, Ericsson, Kmart, Optus, NAB, Toyota and Samsung – rest assured, with Nick unwavering dedication to his art, you’re not only in good company, but great hands (well, actually… it’s his voice, more than his hands, but we think you know what we mean)!

Nick – Commercial Demo


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lucasLucas is that guy – the one who countless times during school was told to turn down his rumbling voice. Then one afternoon, the teacher handed him a business card instead of a detention slip. It belonged to renowned radio and television voice and personality, Grant Goldman.

“Go and use your voice to make a living,” she said. So he did.

After years of training and commercial radio experience, Lucas has a bank of big name clients under his belt. Scratch the surface and you’ll find National TV campaigns for the likes of Austar, OPSM, Commonwealth Bank and XXXX Summer Bright Lager – just to name a few.

Lucas brings to Killer Kopy a fresh and modern sound – covering the full spectrum from blokey ocker to a well refined international sound. We certainly won’t be telling him to ‘pipe down’ anytime soon!

Lucas – Commercial Demo


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mattMatt’s voice has that friendly, enthusiastic energy that will let you know that he’s your mate. His voice can be heard on Australian airwaves and being ‘informally informative’ in elearning, corporate narrations and telephone messages and prompts. There is also a smorgasbord of characters at your disposal if you choose to rope Matt on board for your project.

Matt’s clients in Australia include Telstra, Shell, National Australia Bank, Blockbuster Video, NuEnergy and Ergon Energy. He also plays Billy Boogie, Sammy Surfboard and many other characters in a new Australian cartoon, The Beach Crew, which can be viewed on Fox 8. Outside of the country, he works with clients such as EKG, X-BOX, Deck-13 and the European Captioning Institute in the US, UK and Europe.

Despite him being of questionable galactic race (apparently he was last seen in a studio on HD156668b), he’s more than comfortable behind a microphone and he’d loved to work with you on your next project with Killer Kopy.

Matt – Commercial Demo


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