jasonFrom the Straight & Serious to unique Character Voices, Jason Myatt has been honing his voice craft since 1987. Needless to say, ‘versatility’ is his speciality.

Jason was recommended to Karly by one of her closest mates in radioland. She described him as ‘mature, business type sound… extremely reliable with quick turnaround’. She was right, he is all those things and more  he just never disappoints! His background as a commercial producer and as a post-production editor means his audio is always faultless.

Let’s be honest here… Jason is obsessed with the tech side of things. Some might go as far to call him a geek (in a cool way). In fact, the first time Jason worked with us, Neil was blown away by the quality of his sound. What followed was a lengthy convo about totally dorky, tech related stuff… and a bit of a ‘bromance’ – which thankfully continues today.

Jason – Straight Demo


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ashThe ‘more mature’ of our talent, a voice over veteran with over 25 years experience, Ash has that fantastic deep sound that can only come from years in radio-land. He is authoritative, yet friendly and engaging… making him perfecto for learning content.

Long after his first show over 30 years ago, Ash’s love of radio continues, and sometimes you’ll hear Ash filling in the odd on-air shift on River 94.9. When listening to his voice, you’ll no doubt think ‘that sounds familiar’ and you’d be right. Ash has done countless TV ads and has worked on projects with the likes of BHP Billiton, MYOB, AMP and Lion Co.

When Ash is not behind the mic, he keeps himself super busy with his new coffee shop and van AND somehow finds time to play drums in a band. He might be getting on his years, but he certainly is not slowing down.


Ash – Commercial Demo


Ash – Straight Demo


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ruthYears of experience behind the mic, behind the production desk and behind the script, means Ruth is often referred to as ‘the writers voice’. She has an ability to interpret, convey and own the words making them truly her own.

Ruth has over 18 years experience in radio and has played everything from a grandmother to a crepe (yes, as in a pancake)… a testament to her talent and vast range of characters.

Ruth’s flexibility makes her a key asset to Killer Kopy. She has the ability to look at a script, and the language used, then create a character that suits it down to a tee. From bright and bubbly, smooth and sexy, to warm and natural narration… nothing is beyond Ruth’s natural talent and ability. With Ruth, a little direction goes a looooong way.

Ruth – Commercial Demo


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